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As a global leading travel company we decided to partner with the global leading travel booking system - Amadeus. Our airfares, fees and land products sit behind Amadeus e-Travel Manager, the industry leading online booking system. AeTM is easy to use and caters for all aspects of business travel through a single entry point. Arrangers can book rail, hotels, air, ferries and car hire all in one place.
The user-friendly online booking tool will increase adoption and allow you to keep control of your travel spend, all the while satisfying travellers with the best choices and rates. Even rail travel can be booked through a single login to Evolvi, bookers can search for fares and book rail and we can provide multiple ticket booking fulfilment options such as touch screen kiosk or post.
  • Bookers & Arrangers

    Both travellers and designated travel ‘arrangers’ can access information to book travel on behalf of the traveller.

  • Price comparison

    Compare air, webfares and rail in a single view in order to choose the cheapest route. Fees will also be visible to the bookers.

  • Online functions

    Important travel information can be stored in traveler ‘profile’ pages. Viewers can see their full itinerary with the ‘Trip Summary’ function.

  • Reporting

    To speed up the booking process for next time there is a ‘Travel Arranger Workspace’ which holds templates of past trips.

  • On the move

    With the AeTM app travellers can login anywhere in the world and manager their travel.

  • Here to help

    Our online booking tool is user friendly, but there is a help area and contact area for our offline support.

For booking air, bookers can search by schedule or by fare. AeTM clearly displays the cheapest prices, airlines, class, duration and stops. Travellers can also view and confirm the purchasing conditions and even select a seat on the flight. Once the traveller has chosen their flight they can add other services such as accommodation and car hire. Forget about submitting trip expenses. By setting up expense reports on their mobile device they can take pictures of the receipt and add details and this gets automatically assigned which means your travellers can submit their expenses anywhere in the world!