Blue Ticket & Multiflex passes

Multiflex passes

& Blue Tickets

Hunting for the cheapest rate? Or always changing your mind? Business Travel by STA Travel have got a ticket for that! Our BlueTicket & MultiFlex passes make travel cheaper and more flexible.
Blue Ticket

    MultiFLEX covers all STA and airline date change fees. If the new flight is more expensive than the original, you WILL have to pay the difference.


    Buy your pass before you fly and change your dates once you've left the UK. Please check that your flight is eligible, as not all of them are!


    Make your changes via our online form - no need for expensive phone calls home or wasted time on hold to airlines!

Discover ultimate flexibility, with our unlimited change pass! With this pass you get unlimited fee-free date changes - perfect for big trips and round the world business plans. Our 3 change pass is awesome for multistop routes and our one change pass is always there if you just need some reassurance!
  • Unlimited FR £99

    With this pass you can change flights online and carry on skipping round the planet for as long as you like!

  • 3 Change pass FR £69

    With this pass you can change flight dates three times once you have departed without paying any fees

  • One Change pass £29

    This pass is a great reassurance if you are uncertain on your travel plans, for just £29 you can't go wrong!